Welcome to West City College. WCC is an exciting college located on a prime site in the heart of Islington. It has been set up with the dual aims of providing quality education over a wide range of subjects relevant to today’s business environment coupled with a fee structure that is reasonable, affordable and flexible enough to meet the needs of individual students.

Diversity of choice is a key factor in our ethos. Students are welcome from all races, colours and creeds reflecting the multi-ethnic society in which we live and work; each student being catered for according to individual need.

Our aim is to make quality higher education affordable and accessible, to provide leadership in workforce training, and to support national and international economic development. We are dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive environment where students, who aim for professional excellence, can develop their knowledge, skills and talents in their chosen fields.







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Hello and welcome to West City College.

`Take the Initiative, Challenge yourself, Create Your Own Future here at West City College`

The new century will belong to those who can innovate, adapt, ...
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